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Self-Managed Super Fund SMSF Single Contract new House and Land Packages

Investing in property with Super offers a variety of attractive benefits in comparison to personally investing in property. Traditionally SMSF’s can only buy established properties or units / townhouses but with New House Realty’s “We can make it Happen” strategy we have access to a large number of house and land packages available on a single contract.

What does this mean …

You can enter a single contract to buy a house and land package through your SMSF pay a deposit up front and pay all remaining funds once the property has been completed and established. Your SMSF nominally can’t make improvements to a property therefore it can’t borrow funds from a bank or financier on a drawdown down / construction loan basis.

Benefits from buying property through Super include:

New House Realty - No Deposit Homes

Advantageous rental income tax

In-super transactions are subject to more favourable taxes than buying a property personally. Your income from the property in your SMSF may be taxed at a rate of 15%, compared with rates of up to 45% that regular property investors pay on their rental income.

Once in the retirement phase your rental income from your SMSF properties may be tax-free.

New House Realty - No Deposit Homes

Discounted capital gains tax

If you sell the property before retirement phase you will receive a discounted capital gains tax, as long as you held the property for longer than a year.

If you hold the property within your SMSF until after retirement you may not pay no capital gains tax upon selling the investment.

New House Realty - No Deposit Homes

An investment you understand

Everyday Australians feel confident to get started investing in bricks and mortar (property) over other asset classes because it’s easy to learn, familiar and generally well understood.

Would you like to see more then view an example of one of our No Deposit or SMSF Homes.